Ophthalmic Drug Manufacturing Services

Third Party Manufacturing in Eye Drop Range - Zexus Pharmaceuticals is an ISO certified pharma company, which was established in 2004. The company offers top-quality products at affordable rates. All our products are manufactured with 100% pure and natural extracts. Our range of eye drops, capsules, and ointments is manufactured under special care in our WHO-GMP verified production unit. Our company concentrates on the fine ophthalmic range, which is used to treat a variety of eye and visual conditions. We offer our Ophthmic Third Party manufacturing services at the PAN India level.

With certifications from ISO and DCGI, Zexus Pharmaceuticals is widely known as the best third-party manufacturing company in India that provides a quality eye drug range. We opt for the best packaging methods which help in keeping our products safe from dust and contamination. The skilled and experienced research and development team of our company is constantly working on the formulation of new and innovative formulations that can help people in improving their sight.

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    Zexus – Third-Party Ophthalmic Manufacturing Company

    Our company is engaged in the production, trade, and supply of top-quality products that are used to treat bacterial infections in the eyes, surgery-related pain/inflammation, and eye infection, allergy in the eyes, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and other conditions. We ensure to provide our products at affordable rates so they are easily accessible to all the clients and customers. Our research and development team is engrossed in the production of quality products. The manufacturing units of the company are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies and are located in excise duty-free areas. We have highly spacious warehouses that are well-ventilated and our products are kept there under special care.

    How Does Zexus Work as 3rd Party Pharma Manufacturer?

    Several pharma companies opt for contract manufacturing services as that simply save time as well as cost. It allows the companies to engage themselves in the sales and marketing of the products and expand their business. Zexus Pharmaceutical offers its manufacturing services at the PAN India level. We have a vast range of eye products which are highly useful to treat various conditions.

    Zexus Pharmaceuticals is widely known for its transparency and provides highly satisfactory deals to all its clients. We have our own manufacturing units which are highly furnished and completely hygienic. Working with the industry's leading organization, our goods are in high demand all around the world. Our firm services provide a beneficial bargain in which you may save money while producing the best quality medicine formulations with an unlimited list.

    Why Choose Us for Best Eye Drop Manufacturing Services?

    We are a renowned pharma manufacturing company that solely deals in an extensive range of quality eye drops, capsules, ointments, and other eyes medical ranges. We follow all the security measures covering the guidelines led by GMP, WHO, QA/QC and ScheduleM. Our company has partnered with Pharmaceutical Transportation and Shipping professionals from across the world that has GMP facilities. Our units are built up in an excise duty-free ecological environment, providing a large and suitable area for development, monitoring, and control of the entire process. International standards are followed to guarantee that the finished product meets all quality, dependability, durability, and effectiveness requirements. Several advantages of collaborating with Zexus Pharmaceuticals covers:

    Hygienic and spacious storage warehouses

    Prompt delivery

    Self-owned manufacturing plants

    Affordable rates

    Experienced workforce

    Multiple quality checks

    Quality packaging techniques

    Production Unit Facilities for Ophthalmic Medicines

    Our organization has developed an intricate infrastructure on our grounds, which is well-equipped with cutting-edge gear and technology. Our staff inspects all sorts of machinery regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. Infrastructure is critical, which is why our infrastructure team consists of top specialists that are well-versed in all installed gear. Our raw supplies are kept in a separate facility on our property.

    We follow ScheduleM guidelines while formulating our formulations.

    Our units are located in eco-friendly areas where the products are kept free from contamination.

    Separate areas have been set aside for the installation of sophisticated gadgets and machinery to give improved manufacturing facilities.

    We also accept small stock orders as per the demand of our clients.

    Our firm provides the most comprehensive variety of ophthalmic medications at the most reasonable production costs. To learn more, please contact us right now!

    Most Frequently Asked Questions for Third Party Manufacturing

    What is Third Party Manufacturing?

    A third party manufacturer is used when a company wishes to sell products with their own branding. The manufacturer creates the goods in accordance with the company's requirements, including those for ingredients, formulations, packaging, labeling, and many other things.

    Is there any difference between Third Party Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing?

    They are identical, or one duty with two names. Contract manufacturing is also a common name for Third Party Manufacturing. In general, pharmaceutical companies grant manufacturing contracts to other companies.

    What Makes Pharmaceutical Companies Prefer Third-Party Manufacturing?

    There are numerous advantages that influence pharma professionals to choose pharma manufacturing. Among the benefits are:

    • It saves a significant amount of money.
    • All while saving time.
    • No-hassle concept.
    • A great way to get high-quality products.

    How should I select a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer?

    Dependability is critical in contract manufacturing. When you hand over the pharmaceutical manufacturing contract, you must ensure that it is in good hands. A trustworthy partner can also help you navigate regulatory issues all over the world. Check the manufacturer's market reputation first, then look at how they manufacture the products, and their staff must be experienced. All of this can be discovered by interacting with pharmaceutical companies that are already under contract with that manufacturer.

    What is CGMP for Pharma Manufacturing?

    You must look for a manufacturer who follows all CGMP regulations. Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) requirements are enforced by the FDA. CGMPs establish procedures for ensuring the proper design, inspection, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Compliance with CGMP rules ensures the identity, potency, quality, and purity of drug products by requiring medicine manufacturers to appropriately regulate manufacturing activities.

    What is the procedure for obtaining Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing?

    • Please send a list of the goods you intend to Manufacture.
    • The manufacturer will provide you with a quote following a discussion of pricing.
    • Select the product's artwork and design.
    • Submit the required documentation for the contract agreement.
    • The manufacturer will subsequently start producing goods.

    What are the basic Documents for getting contract manufacturing?

    Here are some basic documents for getting Contract Manufacturing

    • GST
    • Drug license
    • PAN Card

    Why Choose Zexus for Pharma Contract Manufacturing?

    Zexus Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2004 and has ISO certification. The business sells high-quality Products for reasonable prices. All of our products are created using only natural and pure extracts. Our WHO-GMP accredited production facility takes additional precautions throughout the production of our assortment of eye drops, capsules, and ointments. The fine ophthalmic line, which is used to treat a range of eye and vision disorders, is the focus of our business. We provide Ophthalmic Third Party manufacturing services across the entire country of India.